Member Types

Thank you for your interest in the Society. There are a few membership types available for you:

Use the General Membership Application for the following member types:


  • A CPA working in a Public Accounting Practice or Industry.
  • A CPA working in the Field of Education, Government.
  • A Retired CPA


  • A Non-CPA working in Public Accounting


  • A CPA working and living out of the State of Rhode Island


  • A CPA who is currently unemployed.

LIFE MEMBER: (Free Membership)

  • For eligible members who are retired and have been a member of the RI Society of CPAs for 30 years or more.


    • All non-CPA’s who operate within the Financial Services Sector: Controllers, CFO’s, Academics, Attorneys, Business Owners, both from for profit and nonprofit sectors. ** Voting Privileges are for CPA members only.

STUDENT: (Free Membership)

    • Student Member is Available to: Any undergraduate or graduate college student with an interest in accounting (from a 2 or 4 year college or university) shall be eligible for student membership. Student members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office; however, may serve on selected committees in the Society, as determined by the Board.
Student Membership Application


  • Firm Participation
  • Firm with 20 or more members
  • 100% of the firm employees that are eligible to be a fellow or associate member must belong to the RISCPA
  • Firms will receive one invoice annually on May 1 to be remitted with payment by May 31st
  • Firms will receive a 20% discount on total membership
  • Dues for new employees will be waived to obtain 100% membership and during the year of 100% membership
  • Promotional
  • The RISCPA will have a section on the website designated to promoting firms with 100% firm membership with a link to their website.
  • Firms are welcome to promote their participation as they see fit, they can also meet with Bob Mancini to discuss any other promotional ideas.

THE RISCPA would like to thank the following firms for their support and participation in the 100% Firm Membership Initiative: