Prioritizing Privacy

RISCPA does not provide member e-mail addresses to any outside party, including members of RISCPA, except as allowed through the various listings on RISCPA committees on the RISCPA web site. The extraction of large amounts of information from the RISCPA database, sometimes referred as “data mining”, is expressly prohibited. No one, member or non-member, may gain access to the RISCPA web site in order to “mine” member data.

Non-members of the RISCPA are forbidden from utilizing the RISCPA web site to search for member information.

RISCPA will use a member’s e-mail address to communicate items of news and interest to members. A member may “opt out” of receiving any communications via e-mail from us by requesting to be omitted from any of our RISCPA e-mail distribution lists.

Purposeful attempts to subvert this policy are strictly prohibited.