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While some may say the word advocacy beginning with the letter “A” is a mere coincidence, at RISCPA it really isn’t. As a key component to our Society’s overall mission, taking a stand on matters not only germane to the profession, but for the community we serve is critical given the body of acumen our Society represents.

We’re delighted to offer a section devoted to advocacy on our new and expanded website. We’ll discuss happenings through RISCPA’s participation in the RI Business Coalition. Plus, we’ll continue to stress the importance of supporting the RISCPA PAC. As a new feature, we’re introducing the “RISCPA Blog,” as a means of directly connecting with members on issues pertaining to everything political. And, given our strong collaboration with the AICPA, we, along with our sister state societies, will continue to help champion pertinent issues national in nature.

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To actively promote legislation beneficial to the profession and practice of public accountancy and oppose legislation detrimental to those goals in the State of RI. To identify legislation that will help improve the general business climate in Rhode Island.

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RI Business Coalition

The Coalition is comprised of 26 professional groups. Through collaborative efforts, this group has achieved success in helping influence our government leaders.

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