Become a CPA

Why Accounting?

  • You can turn any of your random interests into a career.
  • You can kiss minimum wage goodbye.
  • You’ll work with people just as smart, funny and fascinating as you are.
  • You’ve been working on the skills since your sandbox days.
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CPA Profiles

Every business needs a CPA, and the choices within the profession for young graduates are limited only by your imagination. Check out these profiles – they’re different and proof that you won’t be chained to a desk!


The RI Board of Accountancy is where you get your Certification/License. For more information click here.

CPA Exam Educational Requirements

Visit This Way to CPA a site developed by the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs)

Once you decide Accounting and CPA Pedigree is for you! Join RI Society of CPAs!

Best ROI (Return on Investment) you ever receive! Investment is Complimentary for College Students enrolled in the Accounting Major.

What is the Rhode Island Society of Certified Public Accountants?

The Rhode Island Society of Certified Public Accountants (RISCPA) is the statewide professional membership association for present and future CPA’s.

The RISCPA has 2,200 members working in all areas of accounting, from public practice, business and industry to government and education. It’s mission is “To provide leadership and resources which promote to society the high standards of integrity and honor of the CPA profession and contribute to the success of our members.”

Why Should You Apply?

Student membership is free and allows you to join and learn from this community of CPA’s and meet other new professionals like yourself. By taking that first step and becoming a member of the RI Society of CPA’s you will be on your way to developing a successful career in the Accounting field and it will be the most cost effective tool you will find.

Who can be a Member of the RISCPA?

Any undergraduate or graduate college student with an interest in accounting from a two or four year college or university shall be eligible for student membership.

What are the benefits of being a Member?

  • Resume Builder: a wonderful way to show future employers your level of involvement in the Accounting profession, it is up to you to become an active member or a passive member
  • Networking: Attend select events, meetings or committees. Networking and relationship building are key skills to successful business professionals.
  • Professional Development: stay up-to date with current events, news and topics that pertain to the profession
  • Internships: learn about what firms are offing internships, check this page out [Internships]
  • Scholarships: find out awards that are available to you as an accounting student
  • Newsletter: receive an e-mail copy of the Business Forum newsletter.
  • Complimentary: from the society to you! It’s one of the biggest ROI you can receive

How do I sign up?

Complete the application, print clearly, and you must use your college email address

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