October 07, 2021

The State of Rhode Island is piloting a first in the country project to create a digital identity to issue you your accountant credential.

The Department of Business Regulation seeks 25 current accountants who currently have a Real ID Driver’s License who would be willing to be testers in a new system that verifies your identity via your Real ID and then generates your accounting credential in mobile format using blockchain distributed ledger technology.

How will the State issue these credentials?

  1. Download the Android / iOS wallet from the link provided (your credential will reside in this wallet) – [Note: Android users will be able to test first followed by iOS (with a 3-4 week lag)].
  2. Enter a few details like name, date of birth, Real ID number, CPA license number, and may be a few more like address, email, etc.

What next?

  1. The State verifies the details, and issues the digital credentials over the blockchain (within a few hours, depending on workload).
  2. You receive a notification in your mobile that the credential is now in your wallet (within a few minutes after DBR validates).

What can you do with this digital credential?

  1. You can share the digital credential with colleagues, employers, friends, and family via email, chat, etc.
  2. The recipient of this credential receives it in the form of a clickable link. Upon clicking it, the webpage of the States ‘Verifiable Registry’ opens up.
  3. If the ‘Verify’ button is clicked by the recipient an instant verification of the credential is done over the blockchain.

Time Commitment: a few minutes to request digital credentials, and then a few minutes more to share it from your mobile wallet.

Tools needed: Smart phone and computer

If you are interested in participating, please email Info@RISCPA.org