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RISCPA Women’s Council Presents: AICPA Chair Kimberly Ellison-Taylor as our Keynote Speaker



Theme: Sponsor, Mentor, Coach - How to find one, How to be one

Our first ever hosting of an AICPA Chair before the Women’s Council will include participants meeting Kimberly Ellison-Taylor and learning her inspiring background and trailblazing career trajectory to Global Accounting Director for Oracle America and Board Chair of AICPA. Presentation will include her signature “Bring Your ‘A’ Game” strategy for success and her emphasis during her tenure on the importance of coaching and motivating young talent to be the next generation of professionals in the field. She will also give an overview of the status of the profession both regionally, nationally and internationally.

Join us as we learn the difference between, Sponsorship, Mentoring and Coaching

Should you …..

  • Be sponsoring someone in your team? 
  • Be looking for a coach to help you develop a particular skill?
  • Participate in a mentor/mentee relationship?

The answer for everyone (female and male) to one of these questions should be (and is probably) yes.  Come to the next Women’s Council Roundtable to find out more.


We’ll work to answer the above questions while discussing the following issues:

  • The importance of Sponsors, Mentors, and Coaches from both sides of the partnership
  • How to decide on internal vs. external mentoring, cross gender mentoring
  • How to better advocate for yourself and find a sponsor
  • When should you sponsor someone
  • How to identify who would be an appropriate coach to help develop certain skills
  • Determining how your strengths can help others develop 
  • Understand strategies which produce a successful partnership

Discussion Leaders will head up breakout sessions. Leaders and topics to include:

  • Kristin Fraser, Managing Partner, KPMG Providence: How to identify a mentor that matches your goals
  • Kelly Nevins, Women’s Fund of RI: How to be an effective mentor 

Round-table discussions from 2:00-4:30pm (3 hours of CPE) Keynote will be from 3:30-4:30 and Networking from 4:30-6:30pm wine/cheese will be available for the networking event.

Material will be emailed prior to the event so attendees can come prepared to participate in the discussions.


The objective of the roundtable event is also the mission of the committee “Help merge the experiences and thinking of women into the business world and our profession”

Designed For:

Who should attend?

Anyone (female and male) who is looking for ways to develop members of their team or firm and anyone looking to develop and grow in her or his career.

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