Social Activities Comm. is Ready to Hit the Links & a Women's Council Roundtable Recap


Social Activities Committee: The RI Society’s Charity Golf Tournament set for July 15, will mark the 28th year for the annual event. We checked in with Social Activities Committee Chair Anthony Mangiarelli, who says the Committee enjoys being involved with such a popular event.

“Hard to imagine that this is the 28th year for the tournament,” says Anthony. “We do our best to listen to all participants and one thing we have always heard is to keep the day fun and relaxed and quicken up the pace because it is hot in July! While we have no major changes to the day of golf, there will be small tweaks to have all participants off the course a few minutes earlier to enjoy some expanded networking and speed up the dinner portion of the night!”

Anthony says RISCPA features many popular events through the year, but the Golf Tournament is unique. “When the tournament first started, it was the annual premier networking event that the Society held,” Anthony says. “But as RISCPA has added other networking events to the calendar, the tournament remains the only charitable fundraising event of the year. Combining networking, golf, nice weather and charitable giving makes it such a unique, special day.”


Anthony encourages all members to learn more about the charity RISCPA supports with the Golf Tournament.“I encourage anyone to spend a few minutes on the website of The Learning Community and you will quickly learn about an award-winning public charter school that is life-changing for so many of the students that come through the doors. Located in Central Falls, the school is more than just a building where students learn, it is an all-encompassing vibrant community that is focused on developing the change-makers of tomorrow. The Learning Community has been a great charity to partner with for these past three years and we will cherish seeing Derek and the students on the putting green one more time at this year’s tournament!”

Anyone wishing more information about the Social Committee, can contact Anthony J. Mangiarelli at

Women’s Council: The RISCPA’s Women Council put on its 2019 Women’s Spring Roundtable on May 16 on the topic of Surviving & Thriving Through Organizational Change. 50 participants attended the Roundtable which featured Keynote Speaker Sandy Coletta, former CEO, Kent County Hospital, and Discussion Leaders Alison Croke, Pres., CEO, Wood River Health Services, South Kingstown, RI and Pam Thornton, Director of Strategic HR Services, Employers Association of the NorthEast (EANE).


Sandy discussed how her approach to leadership and managing organizational change is centered on her belief that career challenges can be informed by life lessons. Her approach is chronicled in her book, The Owl Approach to Storytelling, Lead with Your Life, which was one of the books raffled off. Women’s Council Co-Chair Kerri Rawcliffe, event moderator, gave her impressions. "Sandy Colleta was inspiring and the breakout sessions were led by intriguing discussion leaders who kept the conversation going and the participants were able to take away some helpful strategies, such as having a positive mindset through the transition period and keeping an open mind and remaining patient.The collaboration in the room was powerful, and just a great atmosphere!"



Fall Roundtable: The Women’s Council will present its Fall Roundtable on November 13 on the topic of: How to Distinguish Your Professional Brand. Event details coming soon!

August Networking: A new offering from the Women's Council is hitting the calendar in August, with a special interactive networking presentation and cocktail/appetizer reception at an area country club. Stay tuned for the date and event details!

Anyone seeking more information about the Women’s Council should contact Jacquelyn Tracy or Kerri Rawcliffe at




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