Education: Emerging Leaders Network ELN2019 Launches in May

The dynamic and in demand seminar series focusing on leadership skills development and career networking will kick off its third season when the Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) program of RISCPA begins this May. ELN2019 will feature a program of six comprehensive seminars held monthly at rotating educational based locations, with each session led by a different guest instructor.

Training Consultant Diane Wilbur, founder of SoftSkills Training Group, is again overseeing the program which will run from May 17 through November 6. The seminars this year will span a range of topics and include: The Leadership Challenge with Trilix Founder & Workflow Process Systems Consultant Tim Hebert; Networking: How to Navigate a Room with Keystone Partners/Career Trainer Kim Littlefield; Unlocking Creativity & Strategic Decisions with Bryant University Management Professor Dr. Michael Roberto; Next Gen Leadership with Nexus/Women in Leadership Founder Carrie Majewski; The ART of Communication with ELN Program Director/Trainer Diane Wilbur; and Business Development 101 with Bryant University Assoc. Professor of Business Marketing, Stefanie Boyer. The series also offers a community volunteering day with RI Special Olympics. The following is our interview with ELN Program Director/Trainer Diane Wilbur about what’s in store for the third year of our dynamic seminar series.



Editor: What do you view as among the top benefits a participant can gain from this if they are at early or even middle points in their career?

Diane: The top benefits are: the ability to organically build a professional network with other local professionals by establishing relationships over a 6-month period, the opportunity to strengthen leadership skills that are often overlooked in "in-house" training programs but critical for personal development and growth, the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone in a safe setting to enhance your soft skills.

Editor: Although training in soft skills development has expanded in more recent years, do you find that career professionals continue to underestimate how these types of skills can hinder their career if they don’t have a handle on them?

Diane: While most corporations would claim that they have always supported leadership training, there is a shift to include all levels of talent in organizations, rather than just "high potentials" in soft skill development.

Editor: This year you have added a seventh training session that will be a community volunteering event with Special Olympics. Talk about why you view a community volunteer opportunity as an important extra element to this type of training program?

Diane: Based on the feedback we received from the group, we have added a day of service to participate in Special Olympics this June. We are also looking at other community-based events to add to the program.

Editor: The program presents different seminar location settings with six different trainer/instructors. What is the strategy in designing it that way?

Diane: It keeps the seminars fresh and dynamic by having rotating locations and different instructors. It’s my experience that it keeps the class participants highly engaged!

Editor: Any other aspects of this third year that you want to emphasize?
Diane: Our goal is to create a program that supports emerging leaders and long-term relationships that will be personally and professionally rewarding.


The ELN program offers participants 28 CPE credits and certificates of completion following the series. Go to for an application and more information.



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