Quarterly Question

How would you advise a new college graduate in accountancy just starting out on the pros and cons of public accounting, and staying the course for as long as possible at your firm? In your view what are some key things management can do to not only recruit talent but keep them there?

For me, flexibility definitely is a motivating factor. Having the opportunity to work from home or flex your hours when needed is a huge perk. I also feel that clear communication about what it takes to advance, and the resources available to do so, is vital.

Katherine Kiser CPA | Tax Senior
Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael & Co.





"We can’t compete with the biggest firms on compensation and benefit structure, but, smaller firms can offer much more flexibility for a better work-life balance. Young people don’t always consider that early on, but it will mean a lot as you move along."

Neil Fradin
Fradin & Co.Ltd., Inc. Warwick


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