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President's Perspective Summer 2018

Following what every year seems to be a rapidly evaporating summer, your Society continues to find ways to amplify its member value as a premier provider of CPE, events, advocacy and ways in which to promote a healthy business developmental atmosphere. In terms of education, whether falling within the disciplines of public or industry, I encourage you to peruse our course calendar/roster suitable to your needs, as I’m confident you’ll find both the quality of content and convenience; whether in person at RISCPA’s centrally located facility or via the online specialized offerings. Continuing the theme of education; this year I’m pleased to announce the Society’s participation in the Litigation Academy being produced in conjunction with the Federal Bar, RI Bar, RI’s Federal Court and Roger Williams University’s Law School. This opportunity was brought to RISCPA by long standing member and specialist in the field of forensic accounting, Catherine Parente (also an instructor at the Academy) who has been personally working with the team of representatives from the various groups. The effort is centered on pairing twelve CPAs with interest in (primarily) forensics and valuation with attorneys in a mock trial setting. The session, which runs over three days, provides the CPAs with 11.5 credits of which one hour is attributed to ethics.


RISCPA’s events continue to outpace many throughout the state as we continue to enjoy the reputation of being RI’s premier provider of a solid commitment to promoting business development amongst attendees. This, in effect, has helped to distinguish RISCPA’s strong brand both in the state and across the border. Proud to be one of the few professional organizations committed to taking a stand on issues affecting the local economy, the Society has been vigilant in looking at policies beyond taxation. Whether it be education, the cost of doing business or ideological matters so often overlooking “cause and effect,” RISCPA is most concerned with helping to create a business climate in the state that’s conducive to growth, be it for the accountant, the Uber driver or the chef. That why it’s important to contribute to our PAC. If you have, thank you. If you haven’t, then I’d encourage your doing so by visiting www.riscpa.org.

For those who may not be aware of how state societies are measured for success, please allow me to introduce a primary metric that goes to the heart of society’s member satisfaction, vis a vis, value. It’s the number of licensees at the RI Board of Accountancy as a percentage to (volunteer) Society members. For context, five years ago RISCPA’s ratio was a respectable 76 %. Today, as identified during our strategic plan, I’m proud to say we’re at 90%; highest in the country. Now, what do we do for an encore? As many know, several years back I introduced RISCPA’s Professional Affiliate Member (PAM) program. This category of membership is ideally suited for financial professionals, attorneys, business owners and other executives, all of whom can greatly benefit from staying close to the world’s most trusted advisors through an alignment with RISCPA as a significant COI. The goal: to identify mutually beneficial new business opportunities. We have a growing and dynamic P.A.M. Committee, chaired by Paul Long, who you can reach through us at RISCPA if you have interest in participating on the committee, or if you wish to refer others to the program, and please check out upcoming P.A.M. events on our website.

In closing, I’d like to congratulate our friends at E & Y, under the leadership of Brendan McCorry, for adding fifty new members to the RISCPA roster!

Until next time, “There’s never been a better time to be a CPA.”


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