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How Big Will Block Get? Our Quarterly Question



Blockchain is viewed from wildly differing perspectives, ranging from a technology that could represent the beginning of the end of conventional accounting, to a digital platform that is a bit overhyped. What’s your view on how it may impact accounting?

"It’s still too soon to identify the impact of Blockchain on the CPA profession. The role accountants play will gradually change, and we are keeping a close eye on this technology in order to respond to the changes.”

 K Papa  

 Kevin Papa

Partner, Piccerelli, Gilstein & Co.

"Given that computer hackers can now break into the systems of the United States Department of Defense, do we REALLY believe that the little town of Cranston can make its local property tax records impervious to hacking if it uses blockchain technology? REALLY?
Yes, the blockchain concept might prove helpful ... but it is NOT the magic solution that some are hoping for!"

Mike Kraten

Dr. Michael Kraten

Co-founder and President, AQPQ Management Consulting
RISCPA Board of Directors


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