Chairman's Summary: New Kid on the Block: Our Look at Blockchain Summer 2018

It’s been called everything from “revolutionary” to “overhyped” to the digital ledger platform that “will make the accountant’s job obsolete”. These are just a few of the descriptions given to blockchain technology since its emergence in recent years. So, which is it? Turns out the answer may be somewhere in between, we found out, as we explore the digital ledger platform for this edition of What-Counts.


We find out how some professionals locally are interacting with blockchain in a wide-ranging discussion with IT Directors at the Providence offices of CitrinCooperman. We begin in our Lead interview with Kevin Ricci, Director of the Technology and Risk Advisory Consulting Team, and continue with CitrinCooperman’s Mark DiMichael, Valuation and Forensic Services Director in our Small State, Big Impact feature. We learn what guidance on best practices for blockchain and cryptocurrency are coming out of the AICPA for It Pays to Know Your Profession, then we break from blockchain and learn how RI College is growing in the business school direction as we profile RIC School of Business Dean Jeff Mello in our Education profile. We learn which members are planning upcoming events in Committee Briefs, have fun with our Quarterly Question, get updated on the local election season in Happenings on the Hill, and check in with Bob Mancini for our President’s Perspective. As we officially bid farewell to summer this week, we hope you enjoy this edition as we launch full speed into fall! 

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