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Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits


This is a 4-hour video conference (4 credits) led by Natalie B. Choate, Esq.

When it comes to estate planning for your clients’ retirement assets, are you an experienced pro, a raw newbie, or something in between? Guess what: Thanks to SECURE, we are ALL newbies. We have to start from scratch to figure out WHAT is best to do for our clients’ IRAs, and HOW to do it. In this seminar, I will cover the guts of how to do an estate plan for the client’s retirement benefits, what that estate plan can and can’t do, and what your documents should or shouldn’t say.

The IRS’s trust rules haven’t changed—so you better know what they are! But the reward for complying with those rules sure has changed—so you better know that too! We will cover see-through trusts, how the 10-year rule works, how to plan for the 5 categories of “eligible designated beneficiaries,” whether “toggles” should be included in your documents, and the five most frequently asked questions about SECURE.

Live Zoom Video Conference June 5, (9am – 12:45pm)

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