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Mergers & Acquisitions of CPA Firms


The program is conducted in a discussion and lecture format in which the attendees are encouraged to take an active part in the class - during the whole day. A valuable part of the class is the exchange of experiences and information with CPAs from other firms!


• Mergers and acquisitions – understanding the various alternatives • Analyzing the reasons – will a M/A be worth the time/effort/cost? • Proper Planning – developing clear criteria/guidelines/goals/plans • How to find /locate a suitable M/A candidate? • Confidentiality agreements and confidentiality issues • Negotiations period and the legal process • Timetable for the whole merger process • The “typical” deal……including financial and non-financial issues • Understanding the other issues…. personalities, ego, emotions, firm culture, firm management etc. • Information that must/should be shared and NDAs • Other alternatives – space sharing and practice continuation agreements • Typical “deal breakers” and other “pitfalls” to avoid • How to make the merger work – transition period and integration plan


To explore the typical financial deal and other important issues that are the keys to a successful merger. To provide a practical approach to help everyone analyze what type of merger would be best for their firm. Also, provide guidance regarding timing and other critical matters.

Designed For:

CPA firm owners/partners; who are thinking about acquiring or merging into another firm.

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