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Everyday Ethics at Work: Don't Become the Next News Story


Most people when asked would say they are an ethical person.  So why is it that every month there are reports of ethical breaches at major companies?  The concept of ethics is easy to understand, easy to talk about, but incredibly hard to implement on a consistent basis.  In this course, we will discuss six ethical principles: respect for others, integrity, do no harm, making the world better, fairness, and appearance.  This course is for you if you want to discuss the nuances of ethics, debate real-life examples, and identify steps to promote a solid ethical culture in your organization.


  • Analyze current ethical violations in the news
  • Debate how an ethical lapse could be prevented or caught before becoming a news story
  • Analyze possible choices when placed in the middle of an ethical dilemma



  • Identify everyday ethical pressures
  • Describe an ethical decision-making process
  • Evaluate ethical dilemmas
  • Define methods for developing and maintaining an ethical culture

Designed For:

CPAs and staff who want to understand how ethical lapses occur and learn how to maintain ethical responsibility.

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