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Surgent's Federal Tax Camp (SATC)


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought about the most far-reaching changes to the tax code in a generation. New tax rates, deductions for pass-through entities, new depreciation rules, changes to home mortgage interest deductions, modifications of NOL rules, and new alimony rules are only some of the issues on which practitioners need to get up-to-speed this year. In this course, tax advisors will be fully updated on the most important legislative and regulatory developments of the season as well as major trends and changes in the case law.


* Full coverage of individual and business changes related to The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act * Recent developments with business entities, including C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies * Practice aids, including all the numbers applicable for the current year -- inflation-adjusted amounts, mileage rates, retirement contributions, and more * Advanced practitioner issues * Review of pertinent cases and rulings regarding exclusions, character issues, retirement plans, travel and other items affecting your individual taxpayers * The latest issues related to passive activities, substantiation and any other late-breaking tax law changes * Retirement plan mistakes not to make


* Understand the latest tax law changes * Understand strategies and techniques for individuals to use in light of tax changes * Understand current cases and rulings affecting individuals and businesses


Experience with individual and business clients


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