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NEW How Fair Value Impacts U.S. GAAP


Fair Value in recent years has been both the basis for many new accounting pronouncements in U.S. GAAP, as well as the focus of regulators. Commonly used as the measurement basis for a wide range of assets and liabilities, the difficulty in estimating fair value ranges from straight-forward to extremely complex and full of judgment.


• Key Principles to Fair Value Measurement
• Key Concepts in Business Acquisitions
• Apply Fair Value to Intangible Assets
• Understand how fair value applies to impairment testing
• Valuation Techniques to Measure Fair Value
• Fair Value Measurement Business Combinations Case Study
• Fair Value Measurement in Employee Benefit Plans


  • Apply Fair value to intangible assets
  • Calculate fair value for business combinations
  • Evaluate fair value in impairment testing 
  • Appreciate fair value disclosures in employee benefit plans

Designed For:

This course is for CPAs in industry or operations, as well as public practice. The program will benefit chief accountants, controllers, accounting managers, CFOs, VP Finance, business owners, operations managers, Internal auditors, External auditors, Chief risk officers and CPA partners.

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