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Letter to Members on Speaker Mattiello

The RI Society of CPAs is monitoring the local races for General Assembly this fall as a member of the Rhode Island business community which cares about the viability of our state. We felt it was important to communicate to you, our members, about the accomplishments of the leadership of the Legislature and why that matters going forward.

Speaker Nicholas Mattiello of Cranston, who is trying to maintain his District 15 seat, holds great influence over the Legislature as Speaker. He gets to set the agenda, prioritize what moves forward and what gets slowed down. We have been pleased with the issues Speaker Mattiello has moved forward as priorities and are grateful he has held back numerous legislative proposals that we have viewed as hostile to the interests of employers and are anti-business. During his tenure as Speaker, he has carved out a favorable record on taxes across several categories. He worked to lower tax rates for the corporate tax and estate taxes, reduced the minimum tax for pass-through entities, spearheaded the phase-out of the car tax, and has advanced state budgets which contain no broad-based tax increases. That record recently earned him the Achievement in State Tax Reform award from the national Tax Foundation. He has also reined in certain legislative initiatives from the progressive coalition to make  them less onerous to employers and taxpayers. Some of these efforts have included modifying the scope of last year’s Paid Leave bill to reduce the overall cost to business owners and rejecting legislative proposals for an unaffordable minimum wage increase to $15/hour. The Speaker also has held back attempts to expand the free tuition program for the state’s community college to the state’s other public college and university.

We recognize that your busy careers may interfere with your ability to track these issues and we wanted to make you aware that in our view this Speaker has championed a pro-business, pro-taxpayer platform that is favorable to the state of Rhode Island.

Robert A. Mancini


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