Professional Leadership Award Presented to RISCPA by RI Foundation

The Harold B. Soloveitzik Professional Leadership Award bestowed by the RI Foundation recognizes an organization in the professional advisory services field that has demonstrated an enduring commitment to philanthropy.

“The RI Society is honored to accept this award from the RI Foundation on behalf of our CPA membership,” said RISCPA President Bob Mancini. “This honor is a recognition of the vital role CPAs and related financial advisors play in guiding their clients toward informed decisions involving philanthropic investments, and their stewardship has produced successful charitable endeavors that have benefited countless organizations and individuals. As an organization, we also salute the leadership of the Rhode Island Foundation in its mission of ensuring the philanthropic vision of its clients is fulfilled and preserved into perpetuity.”

The important partnership between the RI Society and the RI Foundation and the philanthropic contributions made by the RI Society and its members was also recognized by RI Foundation Vice President for Development, Jim Sanzi. “Professional advisors, and notably CPAs, are often the trusted source for charitable planning with their clients. The R.I. Society of CPAs has been true to its membership and their respective clients with a special focus and commitment to philanthropy and this community,” Sanzi said. “The Foundation is honored to have worked so closely with the Society over these many years.”

Other award recipients included the Centennial Champion Award made to the Champlin Foundation, the Community Leadership Award made to the Center for Women & Enterprise, and the Inspiring Partner Award made to the Frederick B. Wilcox Family.

 President Bob Mancini President Bob Mancini Accepts Award for RISCPA by RI Foundation Award

       President Bob Mancini Accepts RI Foundation Leadership Award on Behalf of the RI Society


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