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Natural Born Sellers: Sales for Non-Salespeople


CPAs, attorneys, and other professional service providers all share the same struggle: bringing in a steady flow of new clients.  Why do they struggle?  They don’t sell their services.


Instead, service providers focus mostly on the work, as if being great at their jobs meant more work.  They also engage in limited marketing activities to let people know the firm exists.  Unfortunately, marketing isn’t enough to persuade prospects to hire you.


To do the work you enjoy, you need to bring in clients. If you want more clients, you need to learn to sell.  Selling is the only way to explain the value of your work to your prospects and to show them you are offering a service they want.


It's time to show the value of your expertise to your prospects by selling effectively. This workshop offers a fresh look at the art and science of selling.  Based on Daniel Pink’s book, To Sell is Human, Kelli Proia walks participants through the skills and qualities every service provider needs to bring in clients in the 21st century.  


Join other CPAs, Attorneys and financial professionals as you all improve your value statements and then stay for a complimentary wine and cheese networking event from 4-5.




  • The 5 parts of every business and identify the part(s) you’re probably overlooking;
  • The difference between marketing and sales and the role each one plays in your business;
  • The 3 qualities every person needs to be great at sales.
  • The 3 skills every person needs to be great at sales.



Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Get inside the mind of your ideal client: If you want to sell effectively, you have to offer a service your clients want to buy.
  • Educate your prospects on your value the right way: When your prospects understand what you're offering, you can avoid hard sells.
  • Face the fear: Selling your services means that you'll be facing rejection, but that doesn't mean that selling your services has to be a painful process.
  • Pitch your services: You can’t convert a prospect into a client if you can’t distill your message into its persuasive essence.
  • Truly be of service to your clients:  You are a service provider after all.

Designed For:

Service providers who need help bringing in more clients.

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