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Hottest Tax Planning Developments Under the Current Tax Law (AM)


Are you up-to-date on the latest tax planning developments for 2017? This

course, authored by Barbara Weltman, JD, explores the hottest tax planning

topics which will impact you and your clients. Discover how these topics may

impact tax planning strategies and be in a position to help minimize your

client’s tax bill.



Current and Latest Tax Law Developments Affecting Individuals and Small

Businesses including

• Update on Affordable Care Act tax developments

• Tax changes for individuals and businesses including extender legislation

• Dealing with the 3.8% net investment income tax (NIIT), including

planning strategies

• Court decision tax developments

• Update on home ownership tax issues

• Update on passive activity loss (PAL) issues

• Hot tax planning strategies for individuals and small businesses

• Bankruptcy and insolvency, short sales and foreclosures

• Personal residence to rental property conversions

• PAL limitations

• Affordable Care Act

• Manage Section 1231 losses

• PAL and LLC members

• SE tax rules and active LLP partners

• Fringe benefit issues for partners and S Corp SHs

Current and Latest Tax Law Developments for Corporate Entities, including

• Dividends, stock redemptions, and share sales

• Reasonable compensation

• Professional corporation conversions to LLC or LLP

• Non-compete agreement updates



When you complete this course you will be able to:

• Determine whether a client’s tax plans are intact.

• Apply recent tax law legislation to adjust tax planning strategies.

• Recognize new tax planning opportunities.


Basic understanding of individual and business taxation

Designed For:

All practitioners

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