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Finance and Innovation


Innovation drives economic growth. The key to reigniting the American economy is reigniting innovation. Innovation can be fostered, nurtured, encouraged and sustained by our companies and organizations. Innovation is not solely the purview of marketing, sales, service or production.Financial managers can create organizations that thrive on innovation or kill new ideas. They may choose to help develop and main practices that nurture innovation or the can just maintain the status quo. Truly innovative finance professionals use technology and other simple techniques to provide new and more meaningful and actionable information to all employees.


How innovation happens
Innovation metrics and how to report on innovation efforts
How the use of technology and other simple techniques can foster and sustain innovation
The difference between disruptive and sustaining innovation
How to become more innovative on a personal level
How to communicate and encourage innovation within your company


This seminar provides extensive case study analysis and many opportunities for group discussion.



Designed For:

Finance and accounting professionals who seek to learn more about creating, fostering, nurturing, encouraging and sustaining innovation in their organizations and departments.

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