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Fraud Prevention: Loss Prevention and Control


Fraud Prevention is one seminar you cannot afford to miss. Fraud will affect you in some manner. Prepare for the inevitable. A recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimated that fraud costs the global economy more than $3.5 trillion per year. This same study estimated that normal audits discover only about 11% of fraudulent acts, compared to 19% discovered by accident.


The Fraud Triangle A complete analysis of fraud prevention, detection and investigation Fraud related interviewing techniques The CPA's role as an expert witness Careers in forensic accounting The 13 financial reporting shenanigans Use of financial statement analysis in fraud assessment


This seminar examines various types of fraud and discusses ways to prevent, detect and investigate these activities.


Participants should have at least six months of industry or public experience and a thorough knowledge of financial accounting principles and practices. Management experience will be helpful.

Designed For:

Corporate Financial Managers

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