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Become an Excel Formula Expert


Excel‘s Formulas and Functions are the heart and soul of a spreadsheet. With Excel’s formulas you can turn a spreadsheet into a powerful calculator.  As an Excel user, you know that the software has unlimited capabilities for making your job easier and less stressful. Excel has more than 500 functions to offer. But learning the countless formulas and functions available to you can be a daunting task.

This class will explore and demystify some of Excel’s most useful functions for accounting and finance professionals and show you how to put them to their best use. Included is a review of best-formula building practices and new functions introduced in Excel 2019.

After this training class you’ll be amazed at how this powerful program can work for you!



  • Understanding best formula building practices
  • Tabulating information using Excel's new power functions, IFS, MAXIFS and MINIFS
  • Locating and extracting data with the new TEXTJOIN function
  • Finding values with Statistical functions
  • Creating calculations dependent on a condition or conditions 
  • Using Lookup and Reference functions to retrieve information
  • Calculating with Date functions 


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform advanced searching & data retrieval with VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH functions
  • Reformat data with the TEXT functions
  • Use DATE functions in calculations and data analysis
  • Calculate & summarizing data with SUMIFS and SUBTOTAL functions
  • Test conditions with the LOGICAL functions (IF, AND, OR, NOT)
  • Use ERROR checking functions
  • Learn the art of nesting formulas and troubleshooting complex formulas


Intermediate knowledge of Excel operations

Designed For:

Accounting and financial professionals who work with Excel and want to take advantage of Excel’s powerful Formulas and Functions.<?xml:namespace prefix="o" />

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