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Don Farmer's 2022 Individual Income Tax Update


In this course, we review:

Current Year Developments, Recurring Problems, and Planning Ideas. Using a Combination of Humor and Examples, We Will Focus on Tax Developments That Affect 2022 Individual Income Tax Planning And Return Preparation.


  1. The Child Tax Credit, Dependent Care Credit, Premium Tax Credit and Earned Income Credit; Tax Free Forgiveness Of Student Loans; Charitable Contribution Deductions; The Kiddie Tax; Taxation of Damage Awards; Tax Benefits For Education Including The American Opportunity Tax Credit; Capital Gains And Losses; §1031 Exchanges; Qualified Opportunity Funds; Gain Exclusion Upon Sale Of Principal Residence; Individual Retirement Accounts; Interest Deductions, Including Home Mortgage Interest Deduction; Medical Expenses; Deduction For State And Local Taxes; Home Office Deductions; Hobby Losses; 20% §199A deduction; and The Passive Activity Limitations.
  2. Significant 2022 Developments Including: Any New 2022 Legislation; New Regulations, Court Cases, Rulings And Other Non-Legislative Developments Such As New Regulations Modifying The Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Rules For 2022, New Life Expectancy Tables For Determining 2022 RMDs, IRS Ruling Explaining When Vacation Home
    Rentals Are Subject to S/E Tax, New Cases Determining FBAR Penalty Calculations, New Pro-Taxpayer Hobby Loss Case, and Much More.
  3. Planning Ideas, Including Planning With New Tax Legislation.


  1. Provide Explanations And Planning Ideas Relating To The Latest 2022 Individual Income Tax Developments, Including The Most Recent Guidance On New Tax Law Provisions;
  2. Help Practitioners Prepare For "Tax Season;" And
  3. Review and Update Various Tax Law Provisions And Planning Ideas Affecting Individuals.


At Least One "Tax Season."


Designed For:

Individuals who prepare individual income tax returns or who are involved in individual income tax planning. 

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