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Strategic Skills for Finance


Strategic Skills for Finance

You know that strategy is important! According to a Deloitte survey, strategy setting has doubled in importance for CFOs. Yet 75% of CFOs indicate that their staff needs training to perform in a strategic role. So how do you change your focus from historical financial presentation to future strategic planning? Get your team prepared for the challenges by learning how to analyze data, define decision-making options, present effectively, gain consensus, and develop action plans.


    • Conducting financial analysis
    • Preparing a business case
    • The do’s and don’ts of financial presentations
    • Strategic action planning
    • Consensus building skills


    • Identify the major components of strategic planning including various methods for data analysis
    • Review the components of a business case
    • Develop effective financial presentation skills
    • Understand how to create a successful implementation plan
    • Practice consensus building


Familiar with financial reporting and data analysis

Designed For:

Financial professionals who are team leaders

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