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Accounting Standards Review for Controllers and Finance Professionals 2019


  • Choose the topics to be covered in this seminar based on your interests
  • Understand the reporting options provided by FASB and AICPA for non-public companies
  • Receive an update on recent trends in fraud reporting and internal control
  • Obtain a broad-based understanding of a wide range of accounting issues that affect practitioners in industry, both today and in the coming 12 months
  • Understand how SEC, AcSEC, EITF, ASB, and IASB are adapting to demands for different, more timely, and accurate financial information


  • Overview of accounting standard setting
  • Recent developments in private company reporting
  • Revenue recognition, transitioning to the new standard
  • Lease accounting
  • Cash flow reporting
  • Business combinations & goodwill accounting
  • Financial instrument accounting
  • Fair value accounting:
  • A practical guide to impairment & intangible assets
  • Contingencies, subsequent events and going concern
  • Principles-based accounting
  • Fraud and related parties
  • Internal control reporting in public and non-public entities
  • Cybersecurity: reporting and compliance issues
  • Data analytics and the CPA


  • To provide a comprehensive review of current accounting standards that impact practitioners in industry.
  • Recent pronouncements and related developments which affect CPAs in industry will be addressed.
  • While the course will review many of the major pronouncements of the past ten years, coverage and emphasis will be customized to the interests of the participants.





Dr. Ray Thompson, CMA, CBA

Designed For:

CPAs in industry who prepare and analyze financial reports. CPAs in practice with industry clients who need an overview of current accounting standards will also find the course to be beneficial.

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