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Opportunity Zones: Tax Benefits and Investing


The landmark tax reform efforts of 2017 ushered significant tax benefits for taxpayers investing in Opportunity Zones. These late additions to the tax reform efforts create a powerful tax saving tool designed to redirect investor capital into low income communities. 


At this seminar, we will discuss the Opportunity Zone program, the tax benefits it offers, and the various requirements necessary to invest and operate an Opportunity Fund.


This seminar will provide practical guidance to implement Opportunity Zone planning in 2018 and beyond including:

  • Detailed analysis of the recently released Opportunity Zone Proposed Treasury Regulations.<?xml:namespace prefix="o" />
  • Discussion of the tax benefits offered by the Opportunity Zone legislation including both income tax deferrals and exclusions.
  • Guidance to identify what taxable gains can be deferred through Opportunity Zone investments and how to achieve deferral.
  • Strategies for structuring Opportunity Zone Funds – Proposed Treasury Regulations extend this exciting opportunity to a wide class of taxpayers.
  • Strategies for identifying and structuring real estate investments in Opportunity Zones – including compliance with the new Proposed Treasury Regulations’ working capital rules.
  • Who can establish an Opportunity Zone Fund.
  • Combining Opportunity Zone investments with federal and state tax credits.

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