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Introduction to Business Valuation


Offer business valuation services to your clients with confidence and be the professional that clients trust to understand the basic valuation concepts, theory, and application. You will enhance your understanding of the concepts presented by putting them to the test in a real-life case study.





* Users and practitioners of business valuations

 * Business valuation standards

 * Items necessary to prepare an engagement letter

 * Appraisal principles and theory

* Developing forecasts for business valuations

* The market approach to valuation

* The asset-based approach to valuation

* The income approach to valuation

* Premiums and discounts to valuation

* Preparing a valuation report


* Understand the valuation process, its applicability to certain types of engagements, and the various methods of valuation.

* Be better prepared to address the many questions which arise during a valuation study.



Designed For:

Financial and non-financial professionals participating in improving the decision-making process, internal operations, budgeting and forecasting, allocation of capital funds and/or the acquisition or divestiture of assets/businesses

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