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Fraud Basics: Protecting the Company Till (DRF4)


Our focus is to reduce the overall risk of fraud. To that end, this course focuses on what factors contribute to turning honest employees into schemers. Discussion will include integrity and ethics, as well as how people may react in certain situations.


Sponsored by: TD Bank


* Fraud's cost: ACFE's Report to the Nations; Ancillary costs * Current economy: Microeconomics; Analyses * COSO's Internal Control Framework: Principle #1 - Integrity/Ethics; Principle #8 - Fraud Risk Assessment * Power of morale: Shrink the fraud triangle; Motivation * Why good folks go bad: What studies indicate; Five interesting findings; Red flags


* Understand the prevalence of fraud * Realize how organizations may cause fraud without realizing it * Comprehend the cost of fraud * See how the new COSO Framework for Internal Control focuses on fraud * Understand that there are many layers in fraud defense



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