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NEW Internal Controls: Top 10 Best Practices for Minimizing Risk


Leah Donti, 9 year in a row AICPA Outstanding Discussion Leader Award recipient, has been leading seminars for RISPCA for over 11 years.

Due to popular demand she is back this year with a bonus: She is presenting 5 new CPE Courses ( June 12, June 13, Nov 6, Nov 7 and Dec 19) that she has written. Her courses provide numerous real life discussions, examples and cases.

Her passion, energy and ability to speak at all levels of professionals have made her a most sought-out speaker.


Whether you work in industry or public practice, fraud and improving internals controls is top of mind. This course will delve into fraud schemes and discuss tools such as data analytics to detect them. Applications in a variety of businesses will be discussed.


  • Best Practices to Improve Internal and External Frauds
  • How to Improve Internal Controls at both Small and Big Companies
  • Preventive, detective and Corrective Internal Controls
  • Best Practices to Implement Internal controls with Quickbooks
  • Cash Schemes of Concealing Cash
  • Accounts Receivable Schemes and Prevention
  • Inventory Schemes and Prevention
  • Purchasing Schemes and Prevention
  • Types of Control Activities
  • How to use data analytics to detect fraud schemes


  • Apply best practices to improve internal controls over internal and external frauds
  • Understand the most pervasive fraud impacting financial statements
  • Explain how data analytics is used to detect fraud schemes
  • Implement Internal Controls at both Small and Big Companies



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