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Compilation and Review Practice Guide


A scaled-down version of our popular 4-hour Compilation and Review Practice Guide. Compilation and review issues have dominated the profession during the past few years. This program addresses these changes and current performance requirements in the compilation and review literature such that practitioners will be able to perform these services in compliance with SSARS, while applying best practices for both efficiency and effectiveness.


 SSARS standards
 Compilation performance requirements
 Review performance requirements
 How to document and perform compilations and reviews
 Special purpose frameworks financial statements
 Legal liability concerns and issues
 How to perform and document analytical procedures appropriately, including
developing expectations
 Independence and AICPA Code of Professional Conduct
 Non-attest services
 Common issues raised in peer reviews


Participants will be able to:
 Identify the performance requirements in the SSARS standards
 Effectively perform compilation, review, and preparation engagements utilizing the
most recent guidance in effect.
 Efficiently document compilations and reviews
 Identify best practices when performing compilation and review engagements
 Address special purpose frameworks when performing compilation and review



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