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2021 FASB & AICPA Update


For over 30 years, the FASB and AICPA Update has been the most popular course among all of our seminars. This course is a must to keep professionals on top of the continuing changes in the accounting profession. Whether these changes are in accounting technical standards or professional standards, the course authors will provide practical guidance including standards' review and implementation guidance where appropriate.


This program focuses on all things the accounting professional should be aware of
 Accounting standard updates (ASUs)
 FASB projects
 Audit service issues
 ARSC initiatives, preparation, compilation and review updates, and initiatives
 AICPA activities and profession update


Participants will be able to apply the changes and discuss the issues surrounding recently
issued accounting, auditing, preparation, compilation and review pronouncements,
and relevant proposals.


Basic audit and
accounting course
or experience

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