Accounting Manager/Controller

Date Posted: August 30, 2019

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Accounting Manager/Controller
Regan Heating & Air-Conditioning
235 Georgia Ave
Providence, RI 02905
Accounting Manager/Controller Position
Regan Heating & Air-Conditioning

Responsibilities & Duties
• Manage day-to-day accounting operations and ensure that there is a redundant process backup in place for every critical operation.
• Create internal accounting corporate policies and maintain existing policies.
• Monitor emerging technology to determine way to automate the accounting process without sacrificing accuracy and account ability.
• Develop monthly and quarterly accounting reports for management.
• Implement and monitor the month, quarter and year-end closeout schedules.

• Bachelor's degree in accounting. (Perhaps associate degree if individual has commensurate experience.
• Leadership skills.
• Strong budgeting, forecasting and financial skills required.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Specific Tasks
• Prepare monthly and year-end financial statements.
• Maintain and monitor accounts receivable balances. Assist management with collection efforts.
• Maintain and monitor accounts payable balances.
• Various account reconciliation and balancing to general ledger.
• Preparation of and posting of payroll. Includes monitoring of monthly and quarterly payroll tax filings and relationship with outside payroll company.
• Banking relations.
• Development of proper expense allocations between companies.
• Support management with specific account analysis requests.
• Monthly bank reconciliation preparation and approvals from management.
• Monitor, maintain and recommend internal accounting controls to management.
• Determine proper capitalization policies and maintain fixed asset ledger.
How to Apply:
Please send resume with cover letter to

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Kristen Regan
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