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26 Things Millennials are Killing Off

 by David J. Lucier, CPA

As the number of millennials replace baby boomers, employers will need to understand their likes and dislikes. The following is a listing of the dislikes followed by some highlights.


Canned tuna, down 40%

Beer (craft is excluded)

Oil industry, they favor alternate energy

Football, parents concern with injuries

Marriage, only 40% are married

Running, they prefer yoga

Golf, costs too high

Gyms, home training

DVR’s, they like streaming services

Razors, they grow beards

Mayonnaise, unappealing texture

The 9-5 workday, they change jobs every 3 years, like flexibility

Motorcycles, too expensive

Lottery tickets, prefer mobile games

Vacations, too expensive

Napkins, prefer paper towels

Movie theaters, prefer home movies

Credit cards, prefer debit cards

Starter homes, prefer renting or living with family

Grocery stores, prefer home delivery

American cheese

Retirement, no funds available, student debt


Cars, not emotionally attached to cars

Department stores, online buying

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