Volunteer CPA Needed

South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention (SKPP)

SKPP's mission is to inspire and contribute to the health and well-being of every community member by providing substance abuse prevention through health and wellness initiatives. We collaborate with all sectors of our community to provide culturally competent, comprehensive, and wellness-focused education and training that promotes social-emotional development, prevents the development of mental health challenges, and addresses social-emotional problems that currently exist.

SKPP is seeking a volunteer accountant to assist us with filing for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (we are currently a town commission). We have a lawyer to handle the legal filings, but would like to have someone help us with the financial projections required to complete the application/filings. We are looking for someone willing to provide a few hours of assistance as we file within the next couple months. While this is a short-term commitment, there is always the opportunity to be more involved in our coalition and even, perhaps, join our executive board. We appreciate any amount of time volunteers are willing to donate.

Anyone interested or having questions, please contact Sonia Lacombe at slacombe@skprevention.org or 401-360-1836.

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