Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Employees-Customers-Partners” kicks off Fall leadership series August 25th

No one is born a leader. Leadership is a learned experience that anyone can attain if they believe in their ability to become a positive force in their work environment. Becoming a leader does not require a superior position. Rather, it requires conquering fears, dispelling doubt and striving to achieve the most from life. 

Whether you are a mid-level manager with responsibility for interacting with clients or a higher-level professional facing the challenge of finding/keeping/engaging great talent, our Applied Leadership Workshop: Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Employees-Customers-Partners will help you and your staff perform better on the job; make those around you more productive, reasonable, loyal and motivated; and provide you with a competitive advantage!

Noted leadership guru Miguel Rey will adapt Maslow's seminal work on the “Hierarchy of Needs” to business. Maslow was fascinated by the prospect that companies could have a profound influence on personal self-actualization.  After all, he argued, companies are made up of people. It was his belief that each of us wanted "to become everything one is capable of becoming."

Walk away with tools to use. You’ll learn how to create a Prioritized Action List (PAL) and the S³ Reminders … three things to start, stop, and stay the course in support of your PAL goals.

Thursday, August 25th | 8:30 to 4 pm | RISCPA / Atrion Educational Center

Register and learn more here.

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